Welcome to the Dragonfly Swarm Project!

If you’ve arrived here, you have likely seen something magical, amazing, terrifying, or utterly awe-inspiring.  Maybe it was in your backyard.  Perhaps you were walking down the beach.  You might have even been zipping along the interstate in your car at the time.  But, you saw it: tens to thousands to millions of dragonflies, all in one place at one time.

You saw a dragonfly swarm.

Dragonfly swarms are a fascinating biological phenomenon.  If you’re lucky and you live in just the right place, you might see a dozen or more in your lifetime, but most people will go through their lives without ever having witnessed a swarm.  Swarms are not rare, yet they are rarely observed.  You have to be in the right place at the right place to see them.  If you’ve ended up here, you have likely been fortunate enough to see a swarm, something that few people will have a chance to see.

Consider yourself lucky.  Congratulate yourself on having seen something amazing.  Then consider participating in The Dragonfly Swarm Project!

By sharing what you observed about the swarm, you will help scientists learn more about this amazing behavior and the role it plays in our environment.  To report a swarm (it takes only minutes of your time!), simply click the Report button above.  To explore the data collected so far, click Explore.  To learn more about the project, click on About DSP.  You can even keep up with the latest project news by clicking on Lately @ DSP.  Take a look around, make a report, learn something new, stay a while!

Let’s learn more about this amazing natural spectacle together.  Welcome to the Dragonfly Swarm Project!